F156PET-Z04 15.6" Touch Display


F156PET-Z04 Touch Display

Resolution:1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Brightness(cd/㎡):220 (typ)
Brightness w/ Touch(cd/㎡):187 (typ)
LED Life Time(Hrs):15,000
Viewing Angle:85/85/85/85
Touch Type:PCAP
Touch Structure:GG
Touch Control IC:EETI
Touch Transoarency:≧85%
Touch Surface Hardness:≧6H
Touch FPC Type:COF
Temperature Range:

Model Size(WxHxD):
395.24 x 244.68 x 6.95 Panel w/ Touch
Wide View Angle
Wide Aspect Ratio
eDP Interface
In Production
Full HD
Industrial PC
Door Phone
Learning Materials
Sports Equipment



●F156PET-Z04 Touch Display
●1920x1080 (FHD) 16:9 Panel
●Wide Viewing Angle
●PCAP Touch, COF Type
●EETI IC, USB Interface
●Support 10 Points Touch



Along with the advancement in technology trends, display products are moving towards touch applications bringing convenience to our day to day lives making panel productions tightly linked to touch technologies.
We use stable ICs and bonding equipment to maintain high yield and quality.
Touch function requires professional calibration to avoid the interference of the motherboard, driver board and other electrical appliances to achieve the best experience.
We have professional knowledge, technology and clean room to bring customers high reliability products!
Application:POS.Gaming.IPC.HMI.KIOSK.KVM.Laptop.Rugged PC.Automation machine...


15.6" TFT LCD Specification Resolution (Pixels) 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Brightness 220 (typ)cd/㎡
Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85
Display Color 262K Colors
Contrast 800:1 (Typ)
Response Time 24ms (Typ)
LED Life Time(Hrs) 15000
Interface eDP
Outline Dimension 360(W) x 224.3(H) x 3.4(D)
Touch Panel Specification
Touch Type PCAP
Structure G/G
Control IC EETI
Transparency ≧85%
Surface Hardness ≧6H
Interface USB
Allow Touch Points 10 Points
Outline Dimension 395.24(W) x 244.68(H) x 2.45(D)



●PCAP type touch support multi-touch,
  high durability, high transparency

●Provide AG (anti-glare).AR (anti-reflective).
  AF (anti-fingerprint) custom service

●According to the customers required touch
  methods, such as fingers, wearing gloves,
  stylus and water repellent functions

●Tailored design and manufacture catering
  your need

The basic structure of the capacitive touch panel includes three main components –touch sensor, a cover lens, and an IC controller. Projected capacitive touch panel supports multi-touch capability by leveraging IC controller and Z direction detection. It is becoming today’s dominant touch screen technology for its commercial advantages –superior response time, robust, high optical clarity, and slim or bezel-less design.

Touch IC controller drives each X conducting row on the grid at the same time it scans every Y conducting columns individually. A touch is detected when a touching finger lands on an X-Y point where changes in capacitance are detected and the contact point is then calculated.

Front view

Front view 2D Drawing

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