DV366FBM-N10 36.6" 스트레치 / 라운드 / 정사각형 / 디스플레이 패널


DV366FBM-N10 36.6" Bar Display

Brand : BOE
Resolution : 36.6" 1920 x 290
Brightness(cd/㎡) : 700
Led Life Time(Hrs) : 50,000
Viewing Angle : 89/89/89/89
NTSC : 72%
Contrast : 1,200 : 1
Outline Diamension(WxHxD) : 960 x 174.35 x 17.4
Active Area(HxV) : 919.3 x 138.85
Interface : LVDS
Temperature Range :
Operating(℃) : 0~50
Storage(℃) : -20~60
제품의 특성
램프 수명 5만 시간 이상
브라우징 기록
자주 묻는 질문
What does the Bar Display application?
Bar Display structure desing by fliexibility, mobility and fast to deploy.
Especially suitable shopping center, public transport, exhibition and kind of space-constrained environment.
Does Bar Display include a case?
Our Bar Display doesn’t include case. It’s mainly provided for manufacturing or brand.
But we can provide matching AD Board and OSD Keyboard, just need to connect with your interface or device to work it.
How long is the product warranty?
Besides danmage caused by human factors, within one year warranty from the start of shipping.
If there are special conditions, the warranty time will be separately notified.
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