K089MDS-V01 8.9" HDMI Solution (Project)


K089MDS-V01 8.9" HDMI Solution (Project)

LCD Panel
Resolution:8.9" 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA)
Brightness:500 (typ)cd/㎡
Viewing Angle:80/80/80/80
Dimension(WxHxD):200.9mm x 132.1mm x 3.28mm
Active Area(HxV):192mm x 120mm

Operating Temp.(℃):-20~60
Stroage Temp.(℃):-20~65
MIPI Bypass Board
Dual Port 8 bits MIPI Interface to panel
HDMI A Type 2.0/1.4 connector
Micro USB (4.5V-5V, 500mA)
Panel power:
1.8V/ 3.3V/ 5.8V
65mm x 64mm x 7.5mm
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K089MDS-V01 8.9" HDMI Solution





● 8.9" TFT LCD Panel with MIPI Bypass Board
● 2560x1600 (WQXGA)
● VA Mode, Normally Black
● Brightness : 500 (typ)cd/㎡
● Viewing Angle : 80/80/80/80
● Signal Input : HDMI



8.9" TFT LCD Specification  Resolution 8.9" 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA)
Brightness 500 (typ)cd/㎡
 Surface Glare
Display Mode Normally Black
Viewing Angle 80/80/80/80
Display Color 16.7M
NTSC 72%
 Contrast 1,200:1
Panel Active Area 192mm(H) x 120mm(V)
Panel Dimension 200.9mm(W) x 132.1mm(H) x 3.28mm(D)
Interface MIPI
Operating Temperature
Stroage Temperature -20~65℃
MIPI Bypass Board Specification Output Dual Port 8 bits MIPI Interface to panel
Input HDMI A Type 2.0/1.4 connector
DC-IN Micro USB (4.5V-5V, 500mA)
Panel power 1.8V/ 3.3V/ 5.8V
Dimension 65mm(W) x 64mm(H) x 7.5mm(D)


One Set Including


Number Item Remark
A LCD Panel 2560 x 1600 / 500 Nits / MIPI / VA
B FFC Cable FPC 61pin 0.3p_ 61pin 0.3p (L:160mm)
C FPC Bypass Board Transform Board FPC 60pin to 0.5p_FPC FH36W-61S-0.3SHW 61pin 0.3p
D FFC Cable FPC 60pin 0.5p_ 60pin 0.5p (L:150mm)
E MIPI Bypass Board
HDMI to Mipi Bridge



2D Drawing



Optional Accessories


● Soc:Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53
● CPU:64-bit SoC@1.4GHz, Quadro Core
● Wifi:Zero W Antenna
● Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.2, BLE
● IO:Extended 40pin GPIO Header
● Interface:HDMI

What is HDMI Solution(Project)?
It will be EOL after a fixed quantity out of sell, so it’s not suitable for a long production product.
But if you need one-time project, it’s an affordable and fast choice.
Does the product quantity scarcity?
Don’t worry about it, before you approved this product, we will evaluate the quantity and specification suit you or not.
How long is the product warranty?
Besides danmage caused by human factors, within one year warranty from the start of shipping.
If there are special conditions, the warranty time will be separately notified.
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