18.5 PCAP GLASS 18.5" PCAP Touch & RTP Touch (Glass)


18.5" B185PBU-E01 PCAP Touch (Glass) with Touch Controller

Touch Type:18.5" PCAP
Transparency:≧ 85%
Surface Hardness:≧ 7H
Interface:USB / RS232
V/A Outline Dimension (HxV):410.8mm x 231.4mm
Outline Dimension (HxV):446.05mm x 271.18mm
Allow 10 points touch
Temperature Range:
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Should I choose PCAP or RTP Touch?
According your application, If your product is for normal consumer or need multi-touch function,
PCAP touch is your best choice. It has short respons time, beautiful and high surface hardness flat touch design.
If your product is used in hard environment, RTP touch supports wearing thick gloves touch,
and prevent accidentally touch’s one point touch function. (Introduction to Touch Technology)
Should I choose Air Bonding or Optical Bonding?
Because Air Bonding have an air gap between touch and panel,
it causing light reflection to influences slight visual performance. But Air Bonding is more cheaper and easy to make,
so it’s still an economical option. Optical Bonding glue completely gap between touch and panel.
It’s make better contrast, transparency, durable and dust-proof.(Introduction To Bonding Technology)
How do I know the panel size is suitable with Touch(Glass)?
First you need to check the panel’s display area and outline size are match with Touch(Glass),
then make sure what kind of bonding type you perfer.
You can also contact us, we have a professional PM team will provide the most suitable solution for you.
How long is the product warranty?
Besides danmage caused by human factors, within one year warranty from the start of shipping.
If there are special conditions, the warranty time will be separately notified.
If the Touch(Glass) already into your production line to bonding or be used, It’s not covered by warranty.
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