DB-LD01 LED 드라이버 보드


DB-LD01 Backlight Driver Board

Input Voltage:10.8V ~ 24V
Input Current:2.5A (max)
Output Voltage:51V (max)
Output Current:800mA (max)
Output Channel:4 channel of LED strings
Efficiency:80% (min)
Application:10.1"~32" Panel
Dimension:115mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 12mm(H)
OCP/OVP Function
PWM Level:2.5V ~ 5V
Duty Ratio:20 ~ 100%
Frequency:0.1KHz ~ 20KHz
Temperature Range:
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자주 묻는 질문
Where is this product used?
Some panels doesn’t built-in backlight driver IC (Monitor series and some industrial series),
so must add backlight driver board to control the switch and light/dark.
Could I buy backlight driver board only?
Yes, but basically advice to combine with our AD Board.
After choose the panel, must adjust the value to compitible with each.
Besides drive the panel’s backlight, does it have other function?
Our backlight driver board have overload protection function.
In addition, DB-LD0D built-in the light sensor function, which can adjust the backlight brightness automatically.
How long is the product warranty?
Besides danmage caused by human factors, within one year warranty from the start of shipping.
If there are special conditions, the warranty time will be separately notified.
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