Korea Electronics Show 2019
2019-09-03 Posted


The KES Korea Electronics Show is Koreas leading electronics and IT trade fair. The technology is developing all over the world, also in Korea. Due to this process of constant development, the demand after products from the Korean market is constantly increasing. More than 600 participating companies from 25 countries present their latest products, trends, innovations and technologies to a wide audience of professionals and enthusiasts. From components and parts manufacturers to the dealers - all areas of Korean IT and electronics market are represented.

The KES Korea Electronics Show will take place on 4 days from Tuesday, 08. October to Friday, 11. October 2019 in Seoul.



-Consumer & Home Electronics

-3D Convergence & Contents

-IT Convergence

-Mobile & Communication

-Electronic Parts & Materials

-Software & Computing

-Start-up & R&D

-VR & AR


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