Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2019
2019-09-04 Posted


The KDTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) will be held. Last fair, 3,743 exhibitors were able to attract over 63,500 buyers from 139 countries and regions.

Focus on artificial intelligence and innovation products

Continuing the success of the previous two years, the "science and technology museum", located in the conference hall, has come back with great honor this year. It will continue to set up five exhibition areas: start-up, 3D printing, robot, and unmanned control technology, intelligent technology and virtual reality, so that exhibitors can display various high-tech electronic products and related innovative technologies more effectively.

The "science and technology museum" start-up zone this year attracted 110 technology elites from Hong Kong, mainland China, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States, bringing the latest applications (Apps), smart home, wearable electronic products, Internet of things (IoT) devices, big data and electronic health care products and technologies. Among them are the award-winning smart wireless charger brought by American exhibitor Gogotoro LLC, the infrared ray projection virtual keyboard by Taiwanese exhibitor Serafim Technologies Inc., the multi-function helmet button Headsup developed by local enterprises and smart temperature and humidity sensor, which have great potential for development. 

Other technology museum sections continue to collect and display electronics for buyers

The exhibition areas of other science and technology museums also continue to collect and display the latest 3D printers, consumables, and materials for the buyers, showing future technologies such as new models of unmanned aerial cameras, industrial and household robots, electric scooters and so on. The virtual reality exhibition area continues to bring a number of virtual reality products and related application technologies this year.

Worlds top electronics brands gather in brand showcase

The brand is one of the influencing factors for consumers to choose electronic consumer goods. As one of focus of autumn electrical fair, brand gallery this year for more than 560 electronics brands from all over the world, including Italy LAICA, electric (Binatone) in Britain, the Netherlands Bourgini, local brands Wei ma (Goodway) and VTech (VTech), etc., to pursue outstanding appearance, performance, excellent excellent design and unique electronic products buyers with faster and diversified choices, are very popular with buyers.

In addition, to keep pace with the development of the industry, special product areas will be set up to facilitate buyers to find the products and exhibitors they need more quickly and efficiently. Key exhibition areas include i-world featuring smartphones or device accessories, wearable electronic products, electronic health products, audio-visual products, and personal electronic products.


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