Digital Signage Japan 2018
2018-05-23 Posted

Digital Signage Japan (hereinafter DSJ) is an event focusing on "digital signage" which plays a diverse role as media in the street now.

Digital signage attracting attention in various fields as an information tool that can start out as a new advertisement / promotion media and can transmit information according to the place and situation. Installation is progressing to many places including station, commercial facilities and so on.
Along with the spread of digital signage, it is expected to play a new role such as multilingual correspondence to visiting customers and application to emergency disasters.

DSJ treats various elements indispensable for constructing this digital signage, display, system, content, etc. in total, and it will show visitors the field of utilization that has the possibility of expanding and the business opportunity born by it I will present it.

Exhibited products / services

  • Digital signage display device (monitor / multi display / projector / LCD / LED display / 3D display and various peripheral related)
  • Digital signage editing, management and distribution system
  • Image
  • Movie content creation
  • AR related products / solutions
  • Embedded Middleware Products
  • Electronic payment / billing solution
  • Content management · DRM
  • Customer information analysis solution
  • CMS related solutions
  • Digital signage gantry related equipment


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