Introduction to Clean Room
2018-11-19 Posted


Introduction to Clean Room


【Clean Room】

To ensure we produce the best panel display for best user experience, we equip our production line with in-house clean room to accommodate high brightness panel enhancement and touch panel bonding services. We have well experienced technical teams and bonding facilities to deliver ideal yield rate output and reliable quality panels to our customers. 

Class 1,000 Clean Room



• Panel brightness enhancement solution

Panel brightness enhancement solution differs from the traditional panel brightness solution which improves the user's readability under outdoor sunlight or direct light. It can be used in various special environments such as military, transportation industry, outdoor digital signage, medical display, and various industrial applications.


• Resistive and Capacitive Touch Panels
• Touch panel -Air and Optical Bonding

The touch panel provides a better user experience. It adapts well for various needs and in various environments, whether it be multi-touch gesture, scratch proof, explosion proof, and water proof. It is a widely used human-machine interface like ATM, KIOSK, POS machines, tablets, computers, and other applications.


【Our Competitive Advantages】

Clean Room Standard 'Class 1000' and up
High brightness products
LCD touch panel
Ultra-thin (NB) panel brightness enhancement technology
Backlight module design and development
Constant temperature and humidity environment
Technical support service
High yield rate production
High quality raw materials
Fast delivery


Solid Technical Team


LCD Bonding Facility


Air Bubble Removing Machine


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